Sustainable by conviction

Kampmann GmbH is aware of their responsibility towards the environment and society and acts accordingly.


Irrespective of which Kampmann product, in the end, each device or system has to generate a good room climate – that is our task. But apart from the room climate, the global climate must also be a task. We greet the aims of the Paris Agreement and are doing our part to achieve the 2-degree target.
Unfortunately and ironically, fact is that the medium for cooling rooms has, at the same time, a high potential for heating up the atmosphere. For this reason, we rely extensively on alternative systems without or with very little climate-damaging refrigerants.

In the spirit of sustainability, we also focus on our products

• being operated with an energy efficient mode
• having a long service life
• having flexible functionality
• being manufactured from recyclable materials

Quality management

Manufacturing perfect products is a major aim. And even if something is perfect, the motto still applies: standing still is a step backwards. Perfection is thus not a goal but a process. And it begins with our employees:

In the scope of the continuous improvement process (CIP), employees are actively requested to optimise production and thus fulfil customer requirements reliably on a day-to-day basis. The observation of the applicable DIN rules and standards and the continuous fulfilment of DIN EN ISO 9001 are self-evident.

In addition, in the scope of an energy-efficient corporate policy, Kampmann GmbH started a project for the integration of an energy management system (EM) in August 2013. The basis of this project is DIN EN ISO 50001.

To the Kampmann TÜV certificate according to DIN EN ISO 9001