Hall Heating Tool

Are you planning the building services for a new hall or are you looking to refurbish one to save energy? Use our Hall Heating Tool to calculate the heat load of the hall along with other key parameters in a matter of minutes.

With just a couple of clicks, the Hall Heating Tool will calculate the heat load and annual heat requirement of a hall by requesting the key figures and computing them with relevant variables, such as the annual temperature curve at the location of the hall.

Some of the key figures required:

• Dimensions of the hall

• Year of construction to calculate the insulation of the outer shell

• Precise hour-based occupation of the hall

• Required indoor temperature

What questions will the tool help with?

  • What is the heat load of my hall?
  • What is the annual heat requirement of my hall?

What questions will the individual product design help to answer?

  • Is it worth investing in a heat pump?
  • How many unit heaters do I need to comfortably heat the hall?
  • What is the impact of door air curtains?
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Individual product design

Would you like to go one step further and obtain our recommendation for a defined system solution including the tailor-made units for your application?

You have the option of sending us your calculated data via a contact form directly in the tool to quickly obtain an individual product design for your specific project. Whether the number and layout of heat pumps and unit heaters or the use of door air curtains – we will deliver our recommendation for the most efficient system solution tailored precisely to your needs.

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